Logic of Verified Solutions

Secure and reliable automation technologies and high-power server equipment, used by market leaders and large players, are now adapted and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.


What does «efficiency» mean?  The result of treating right.

SAMELOGIC is a range of necessary services, related to workflow automation (hardware & software) for small and medium-sized businesses according to individual requests and tasks (not «ready-made» solutions).

Our competencies:

Software and business applications: selection, adaptation and implementation

Identification marking of goods and documents

Servers and data storage systems for rent

Provision of server capacity

Long-term warranty service (for HP/HPE, Dell, Lenovo/IBM, APC, Cisco, EMC, LSI, Quantum)



An adequately flexible budget with the additional options of optimization or scaling. You get the best you can afford. Saving on the implementing solutions and the quality of equipment is excluded for sure!

Overall service perspicuity, clear logic of each process’ stage. Qualitative situation analysis based on the accumulated experience of our professional team allows us to make optimal decisions within any case.

High level of expertise in hardware and software.

Paying sensitive attention to physical, juristic and information security. Prevention of data loss and process interruption is our top priority!

When your current needs and situation are clarified, we’ll give you all the necessary recommendations on the use of equipment or specific software.


Fill the form below, and our experts will help you step by step to formulate the precise technical task for productive interaction.


We’ll surely help if:

Your company operates in a period of explosive growth, when old solutions and methods are no longer effective, but only prevent the progress

The restructuration takes place, or you separate from a larger organization into an independent unit

The restructuration takes place, or you separate from a larger organization into an independent unit

Your company needs a flawless reputation and a transparent control system

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